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Pilates on Point is a ten bed Pilates Reformer studio based in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. We have been open for 4 years and during this time 1000s of Gold Coasters have done classes at our studio.

At Pilates on Point or PoP as we like to call ourselves, we are not only a Pilates studio but we also offer an Online video membership featuring all our best teachers with new videos being added regularly. PoP Hire is our Pilates Reformer hire business where we lease out Merrithew SPX Max and Essential reformers on a monthly basis.

Our classes

Pilates on Point Reformer studio offers a range of services which includes Group classes with 11 different Pilates Reformer class styles, different to most studio’s on the Gold Coast. At Pilates on Point, Gold Coast all our classes are safe and affordable as well as being suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

We also offer private and semi-private classes for a more personalised service. These options are very popular and are normally taken by owner and founder Kylie McGuiggan. Kylie is the studio owner and founder of Pilates on Point. Kylie is qualified as an instructor to teach both Reformer Pilates and holds her certifications in group fitness. Oozing loads of energy, story time complete with jokes, tongue twisters and the odd bit of singing, you will find Kylie as the lead teacher throughout the schedule.

Kylie’s classes provide ever changing variety, a journey from feeling the BuRN to walking out feeling tall and awesome but focusing on technique through the Pilates method and principles is her passion. She also has a very popular Instagram page @pilatesonpoint where she regularly posts flows that she uses in class.

At Pilates on Point, Reformer studio Gold Coast we offer specialised Mums and Bubs classes taught by our most experienced teachers who are mums themselves. These classes are very popular and most of these mums go onto the regular group classes when they are ready.

To quote the founder of Pilates,

Joseph Pilates: “In 10 sessions you will feel better, in 20 you will look better, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”

If you are doing 2-3 classes a week, you should start to see results in 10-12 weeks. The Pilates reformer is great for individuals who are seeking to achieve core stability and good postural alignment along with the strengthening of the smaller assister and stabilising muscles that you won’t get with other forms of training. Our Pilates Reformer classes at Pilates on Point, Gold Coast take on the contemporary approach to Pilates Reformer with a side of fun & burn, and good humour added into the mix.

Popular classes

Why choose us?

Well that’s easy, our classes are free form meaning no 2 classes are ever the same. Some flows may be seen here and there again but with constant tweaking, added props & tension changes, you will always leave feeling challenged, strong and tall and like you have come for a great workout with friends.

Our clients are real. They come for Pilates, they stay for the family type environment that is and then they never leave because of their PoP addiction. At PoP we also offer unlimited Reformer class memberships which means you can do two or more classes in a day, and as many classes in a week as you want.

Finally at Pilates on point, Gold Coast we take our hygiene seriously at PoP with the machines wiped down before and after every workout. We have installed 3 air purifiers in the studio to further enhance the quality of our air and we satisfy the government requirements for social distancing.

Customer Testimonials


The modern Pilates Reformer is a narrow bed with a sliding carriage, straps and pulleys, made more or less resistant by adding or removing springs.

The Pilates Reformer acts as a support system for the body by helping assist it into proper form.  It adds resistance to the Pilates exercises via the use of the springs that form part of the Reformer. Extra springs can be added to build strength in the bigger muscle groups, or lower springs can be utilised to challenge the stabilising muscles.  

At Pilates on Point, Gold Coast we use the Merrithew SPX Max Pilates Reformers. These are A-grade premium quality reformers imported from America.

Reformer Pilates is a great form of strength, posture, flexibility, balance and endurance training and can be designed to target one specific area, smaller muscle groups, or as a whole body muscular exercise.

Regular Reformer Pilates exercises will lead to greater strength, flexibility and balance, which in turn improve posture, movement and mental health. At Pilates on Point Gold Coast, we are one of the few Reformer studios that practises a variety of different class styles giving you plenty of choice no matter what your abilities and fitness levels are. We practise a contemporary approach to the Pilates method, priding ourselves on no 2 classes ever being the same.

The Pilates Reformer is a total-body exercise which recruits every muscle fiber in the body leading to a stronger core. It helps with joint stability and balance, and strengthens the abdominals, glutes and hamstrings. These support the spine and lengthen the hip flexors, which increase flexibility and improve posture.

When you begin to use a Pilates reformer you will notice how you feel,’ less neck soreness and back pain and you will feel taller, stronger and straighter’. Your posture will improve along with your mobility due to the reformer holding you in neutral alignment and protecting against incorrect form. Over time you will become more toned and athletic due to the strengthening and lengthening of your muscles.

Clients who have been at Pilates on Point, Gold Coast for even a few short months can testify to the changes in their bodies and the often said “ I feel Taller ”.

A Pilates Reformer adds another layer to beginner Mat Pilates exercises. In addition to the ability to challenge the body with heavy or light resistance, controlling the movement of the carriage offers an added challenge.

Mat classes utilise the body weight for exercises, while the Pilates Reformer adds resistance to the Pilates exercises via the use of the springs that form part of the machine.

Due to the resistance created by the pulley and spring system of the Pilates Reformer, the repertoire of exercises available is greatly increased compared to Mat, providing far more variety.

The Pilates Reformer can also provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than mat classes, leading to visible results sooner.. .

During pregnancy, the abdominal (tummy) muscles are stretched to make room for the growing baby, this can make the back vulnerable to injury, made worse by the hormone Relaxin.

This is released in pregnant women to soften the ligaments to prepare the pelvis for delivery. The pelvic floor muscles are also weakened as they stretch to hold the weight of the baby. Weak pelvic floor muscles can result in difficulty controlling the bladder or bowel (incontinence). As your baby grows, you may feel unstable. Pregnancy Reformer Pilates improves your core strength and balance so you can feel more stable. “The spring tension used with Pilates Reformer equipment can support your body against gravity and works the muscles [when the muscle is lengthening under load].

Our Mums & Bubs classes at Pilates on Point, Gold Coast are taken by experienced teachers who practise safe exercises and are normally mums themselves so they understand what you are going through.

Reformer Pilates is great for rehab purposes too as it allows the client to exercise in a horizontal plane of motion and not be vertically loaded and weight bearing through their legs.  For example, if a client has had knee surgery or a knee injury, this horizontal plane enables you to strengthen the muscles of the leg through a larger range of motion using a lighter resistance than their own body weight, speeding up their recovery through controlled movement.

Another example is someone with scoliosis, they may find it difficult to do Mat Pilates, but with the Pilates Reformer they are able to increase their range of motion safely and effectively.

At Pilates on Point, Gold Coast our teachers make sure that they are aware of anyone’s chronic injuries and offer both adjustments and individual modifications should they be required.

Pricing Contracts


$ 69
/ week
  • Unlimited class access
  • 6 month duration
  • $39 Join Up / Admin Fee


$ 59
/ week
  • 4 x weekly class access
  • 6 month duration
  • $39 Join Up / Admin Fee


$ 54
/ week
  • 3 x weekly class access
  • 6 month duration
  • $39 Join Up / Admin Fee


$ 45
/ week
  • 2 x weekly class access
  • 6 month duration
  • $39 Join Up / Admin Fee

*All contracts have T&C’s that apply, including a weekly transaction fee*

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