Building CORE strength for the everyday life challenges

“Pilates is not only great for mind and body – it actually makes you feel amazing right after your very first session.”

Welcome to Our Dynamic Pilates Studio

Our studio is a vibrant and fun boutique space, equipped with 10 top-of-the-line reformer beds.

We offer a workout experience like no other, led by our team of trained and qualified instructors who bring their unique sass appeal to every class.

When you step out of our studio, you’ll notice how tall, lengthened, and empowered you feel, and you’ll leave with a smile, knowing you had a blast while taking care of your body.

Meet Our Spirited Instructors

Meet Kylie: Our Fearless Founder and Lead Instructor
As the driving force behind Pilates On Point, Kylie is not only our lead instructor but also the passionate owner and founder of the studio. With qualifications in teaching both Reformer Pilates levels 1 & 2, as well as Mat/Floor levels 1 & 2, and her certifications in group fitness, Kylie brings a wealth of expertise and energy to each class.
Her infectious enthusiasm, humour, and captivating storytelling make her a favourite among our clients. You’ll often find her at the helm, guiding and inspiring everyone on their Pilates journey.
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Kylie’s classes provide ever changing variety, a journey from feeling the BuRN & sweat to walking out feeling totally awesome.

Correct technique through the Pilates method and principles will be taught in all of Kylie’s classes from the burn to the Fundamentals class but having fun whilst exercising amongst this amazing community of Pilates PoP members is what makes her heart sing.
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Tamsyn hit the ground running when she joined our team and hasn’t stopped yet..Tamsyn, also a qualified clinical reformer Pilates teacher along with holding her certifications in fitness is truly passionate about Pilates in its true form, always technically executing her exercises with her clients.

Tamsyn brings a wicked sense of humour to her classes along with a sweet BuRN that will keep you coming back for more .. always!
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Madi has that sweet smile of innocence with a sting to boot! Madi,s classes are full of energy and fun and non stop from the moment you start... Being a new Mumma herself, Madi knows full well how the body changes and needs adapting to via Pilates modifications so rest assured- all of your needs will be met when you’re in class with Madi.

Nickname- The Weapon.
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Kelsey is our Canadian bombshell with clinical Pilates as her teaching expertise and is also a qualified remedial masseuse so you could say she’s a hands on gal with passion for health and wellness.

Kelsey’s classes are strong and full of variety, always bringing out her new bag of tricks... She’s an expert at modifying exercises on the go to suit the needs of all that come to PoP.
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Nina might be our tiniest teacher but don’t let her size fool you... she jams a whole lot into her classes, always pushing you that little bit more..

Nina is a qualified Pilates Reformer Instructor & often you will even find yourself exercising alongside her as she gets her Pilates fix.. You could say Nina has made PoP her second home.
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Anna believes in the power of movement for body, mind, and soul. With a dance background, she adds choreographed flow to her classes, keeping your mind and body engaged. Core-obsessed, expect pelvic floor and ab work in her classes.

As a mother of two, Anna is passionate about fitness for all ages and stages. Join her classes at PoP for an energising experience!

Discover the Magic of Reformer

At Pilates On Point, we believe in providing our clients with the highest quality equipment. That’s why we use A-grade, premium-quality reformer machines from the renowned Merrithew brand, imported from America. 

The reformer machine allows you to safely and effectively perform exercises against the resistance of the spring-loaded system, guided by our experienced instructors who demonstrate the principles of Pilates.

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