Covid 19 Guidelines

At Pilates on Point we take your safety seriously. We operate a 10 bed studio with a floorspace of over 65m2, more then meeting the Government Covid 19 guidelines of 1 person per 4m2 in any venue at the same time.

We also have 3 de-humidifiers installed and working cleaning the air in the studio to further our committment to your health and well-being.

Below is a list of protocols that must be adhered to for our studio to remain open and operating.

PoP Studio Protocols

1.ALL clients must sanitise their hands before and after class. Sanitizer will be stationed at the front and rear of the studio.  

2. ALL clients must wait outside until the teacher lets the previous class out. The door will be locked to prevent the social distancing rules being broken.

3. ALL clients are responsible for the cleaning of their own bed and equipment used at the end of EACH class. This is not negotiable. There is ample hospital grade sanitizer spray bottles and antibacterial wipes located all throughout the studio.

4. If you are unwell, we politely ask you to cancel your booking immediately.

5. If you had attended a class with us at PoP whilst you ‘may’ have had symptoms of Covid 19, we ask that you please contact us immediately.

PoP Studio Protocols

6. We ask that you respect others and their choices when it comes to masks or glove wearing.

7. We politely ask that you refrain from hugging, kissing etc staff and other clients when in the ‘studio’.

8.  ALL teachers will now refrain from hands on corrections.

9. Socks must be worn in the studio. ( there is socks available for purchase or studio loan socks)

10. A deep cleanse of the whole studio and its equipment will occur regularly. This includes the reformer bed, jump board, reformer box, the straps/loops, all props/ small equipment and floors.