Mums & Bubs Pilates Palm Beach

Mum's & Bubs Pilates Class

POP has a great Pre /Post-natal class called “Mums and Bubs”. It is all about enabling mothers and mums to be to have an easier delivery during pregnancy, more energy and recover post-partum faster. Pilates can also address issues such as Diastasis (a widening of the abdominal muscles), posture misalignment and incontinence thanks to its ability to strengthen your core and pelvic floor. It may also assist in recovery from a C section (doctors approval permitting).

During pregnancy, the abdominal (tummy) muscles are stretched to make room for the growing baby, this can make the back vulnerable to injury, made worse by the hormone Relaxin.

This is released in pregnant women to soften the ligaments to prepare the pelvis for delivery. The pelvic floor muscles are also weakened as they stretch to hold the weight of the baby. Weak pelvic floor muscles can result in difficulty controlling the bladder or bowel (incontinence). As your baby grows, you may feel unstable. Pregnancy Reformer Pilates improves your core strength and balance so you can feel more stable. “The spring tension used with Pilates Reformer equipment can support your body against gravity and works the muscles [when the muscle is lengthening under load].

Pilates is all about creating a balanced body, something that’s especially important when navigating a growing bump. The elevated surface of the Reformers is also helpful for pregnant clients who might find it difficult to lie down on the floor on a Mat. At POP we pride ourselves on a community family first atmosphere where the qualified and experienced instructors are both sympathetic to your individual needs, and create a fun and energetic space to workout in.

With our small group class, the instructors are able to focus on each individual in a relaxed environment, the mums can chat to each other about their problems, feed their baby if necessary, and of course focus on you for an hour. POPs “Mums and Bubs” class is a positive way to either strengthen and lengthen the body whilst pregnant and a fantastic way to get back into exercise safely after having a bub whilst having fun at the same time.

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