Reset & shape-up for Summer

Are you ready to eat clean, follow a meal plan & shape up leading into summer? Our new 30-day challenge starts on October 8th.

POP iPhones - Shape Up For Summer Challenge

Tighten your core,
Transform your body
& Join the POP Family!

Are you ready to transform in just 30 days? This challenge is for anyone looking to reset their habits and transform their minds and bodies just in time for summer!

What's included?

You will be provided a Challenge pack including:

Reset & shape-up for Summer

Challenge Pricing Options

Shape Up for Summer

One Off Payment
$ 405
  • Includes $25 registration fee
  • 20 classes over 30 days
  • Nutrition Plan
  • 2 x EVOLT 360 Body Scans
  • + So much more!
Most popular

Shape Up for Summer

Payment Plan
$ 95
  • + $25 registration fee
  • 20 classes over 30 days
  • Nutrition Plan
  • 2 x EVOLT 360 Body Scans
  • + So much more!

Be in it to win it!

Along with the grand prize awarded to the best before vs after Evolt 360 scan results, we have on offer a fantastic pool of mini prizes.

Here’s how to be in it to win them:

Challenge Terms & Conditions

  • All participants MUST complete their 20 passes from their special challenge pack to be eligible to win within the challenge period. (Any leftover passes are void.)
  • The EVOLT 360 Grand prize winner will be decided by the biggest changes to their body composition calculated by their two Body scans.
  • The other Grand Prize winner will be decided by the person who gains the most points through, participation in mini-challenges, social media posts and reviews as well as attending all their classes.
  • Members who participate will have their membership put on hold whilst the 30 day challenge is on and will be required to use their Special Challenge pack to book classes.
  • Normal Packs and Memberships can be used/reactivated at any time BUT will not be eligible as part of the challenge.
  • If a person is a Late Cancels or No Show’s to a booked class then normal PoP rules apply and that person will forfeit that pass. However they will be able to buy-in at $10 per class to be able to complete their alloted 20 classes.