Discover Your Perfect Class

Explore POP’s diverse class schedule, offering 13 distinct Pilates styles created to suit all levels and needs. From invigorating group reformer to specialised Mum’s & Bub’s and rehab classes, there’s something for everyone. Short on time? Try our popular Express 30-minute classes or transform your team meetings with our unique corporate events. Experience the exceptional benefits of Pilates in a dynamic and inclusive environment.

All In Group 1 1024x684 - Pilates Classes

Transform the way you look & feel with your PoP family. Fun, energetic & always changing to suit the needs of our members. This ever-evolving class is an all-over body workout utilising the Reformer at its best! Regardless of your current fitness levels, age or gender ALL-IN GROUP is for everybody & will develop tone, improve flexibility and increase overall strength.

Intermediate Level - Pilates Classes

This intermediate style class will push your Pilates practice to the next level. Aimed to increase your technical knowledge by practicing a series of more ADVANCED moves within a more complex, sequenced routine. This class is for those wanting to build their Pilates practice and knowledge to the next level.

burn bay pliates class 1024x683 - Pilates Classes

Feel the Burn! A combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) & cardio blasting sweat for that over body BURN!!  Improves energy, fitness & aids weight loss. This class is a combination of Pilates Reformer mixed with weights, high intensity movement & the Jumpboard. A fast paced class that doesn’t back down!!

*** Must be practiced in Reformer Pilates prior to doing this class / / Not recommended for pre- natal clients – participating at own risk *** Ask staff for more info

abs buns guns pilates class 1024x683 - Pilates Classes

A class that is dedicated to 3 of the major muscle groups- Define those AB’S and strengthen that CORE- Firm that TOOSH & sculpt AND tone those ARM muscles. Get ready to LOCK & LOAD with us  in this fun and  energetic reformer Pilates class.

just jump 1024x682 - Pilates Classes

Bring your cardio fitness to the next level with this 30 min class on non stop heart pumping Reformer Jump-board! The most fun you can have exercising..  SWEAT- FUN- BOUNCE!!

pilates plus - Pilates Classes

Bringing the circuit to Pilates,  PLUS a little extra. Using the Reformer along with traditional mat work & utilising a wide variety of apparatus & props this class will keep you guessing. From toning balls to weights, foam rollers to bosu balls & more, Pilates Plus will challenge your body at every point  in a circuit style station class that promises to be a FuN group environment.

mums bubs new 1024x683 - Pilates Classes

Giggles ‘n’ Gurgles, Sweat ‘n’ Laughter. This smaller group class has been designed for our new mummies and mummies to be. Exercise safely, in a comfortable environment with a qualified PRE & POSTNATAL instructor – making the time and meeting new friends for you has never been easier.

Core Blasting Express 1024x683 - Pilates Classes

30 mins dedicated to building strength through the entire CORE. Defining the abdominals & obliques, strengthening the pelvic floor, lower back and core through an integration of whole body movement.

body blitz burner 1024x683 - Pilates Classes

Tighten that Toosh! A 30-minute non-stop EXPRESS workout focusing on the BOOTY to sculpt and define your bootylicious self! It’s time to strengthen those Bun’s & feel the BuRN because you will just love this class.

The Fundamentals 1024x683 - Pilates Classes

Reformer … a lifestyle change! Start your journey with Pilates on Point. Learn how to align your body, breathe correctly & engage all the right  muscles using the Reformer machine.. This beginners class is slower pace, focuses on the Pilates principles & is perfect for you to learn the fundamentals practice of Pilates. Never done Reformer Pilates before? Don’t sweat it…this class is the one for you!!

Rehab - Pilates Classes

Join our specialised small group Pilates sessions led by our expert instructor, Chris. Designed for remedial purposes, Rehab classes provide personalised attention in a supportive environment. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or seeking targeted rehabilitation, Chris will guide you through exercises tailored to your needs, helping you regain strength, mobility, and overall well-being.

Stretch and Release 1024x683 - Pilates Classes

Release your flexibility … A 30 min class that moves your body through a series of stretching to help improve your overall flexibility, help you decrease injury and increase mobility. A delicious class to float out of, feeling lengthened and within your win zen.