Strength and the Pilates Reformer

Core Blasting Pilates Class

Strength training also contributes to you burning more calories at rest by increasing the body’s metabolism. Strength training is not just about having big muscles. In contrast to weightlifting workouts, Reformer Pilates builds strength in a way that gives you a lean and strong appearance, incredibly toned across all muscle groups instead of a short and bulky physique.

Reformer Pilates can be considered as strength training due to its resistance feature of using a system of pulleys to challenge, stress and overload your muscles while stabilizing the core at the same time. This makes for a good alternative to those who do not like the gym, but unlike the gym, the movements work by both strengthening and lengthening the muscles giving an intensely toned, athletic look all over.

What our clients at Pilates on point have observed is that before you see a change in how you look, you will notice the change in how you feel. ‘Less back pain and neck soreness’ are common comments along with ‘I feel taller and straighter’. This is because Reformer Pilates builds better postural alignment by focusing on core and glute strength – and getting these right helps to create a body that holds itself straight and moves like it is meant to, properly supported.

At Pilates on Point we love to see men in our studio but with our clientele mainly being women we are seeing a shift away from that unrealistic ‘skinny look’ towards a stronger, healthier aesthetic look with defined musculature. This is what we like to call the ‘Pilates look’, long lean and toned across the whole body which is what keeps our clients coming back.

Pilates on Point has 10 reformer beds, each with their own equipment. This is a great benefit over gym or training studio’s as the studio will never exceed 10 people plus 1 teacher. Giving you that boutique small group experience with your own generous personal space and minimizing any unnecessary contact.

We like to think of our clients and members as our family and we aim to provide a fun and vibrant atmosphere at Pilates on Point in a safe environment. By providing some of the Gold Coasts leading teachers to maximize your Pilates experience, our classes focus on lots of variety and individual attention.

Mark Masman

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