The Benefits to Pilates and why YOU should have Pilates in your life…

Benefits of Pilates

Most often I hear, “Will Pilates help my lower back issues?” or “I have dodgy knees and I don’t think I will be able to do most of the exercises.” Also, “My friends do Pilates but I don’t even know what it is.”

You say whaaaat? 

Pilates is for all people of all ages, shapes and sizes, fitness levels, bad backs, dodgy knees to pre and postnatal clients.

Pilates is a systematic approach to specifically designed exercises that centres its attention to the CORE with a focus on breath work to movement whilst the individual is guided through having complete mind-body awareness during their practice.

This is why Pilates lends itself so well to those with annoying body niggles, injuries and any rehab requirements. 

Pilates will train your body as an integrated whole, never over developing some areas of the body but then neglecting other parts. Pilates is a great foundation to have in life and its benefits are endless and you will be constantly amazed at how Pilates helps you through the every day.

Some of the benefits of Pilates include:-

  • Stronger leaner muscles
  • More balanced muscle development
  • Improved balance and body alignment
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased rage of motion in joints
  • Decreased stiffness, taking pressure off sore joints
  • Better clarity of mind and body awareness
  • A stronger CORE and a taller YOU
  • & I’ve only listed a few here…

Did I mention you will also have fun, walk out completely energised (all be it a little sweaty maybe) after being in one of our Reformer Pilates classes? 

Below is a recent (and yes real) Mindbody review from one of our genuine clients.

“Awesome class, Kylie is amazing and very entertaining. She is great at ensuring correct technique so you get the most out of each exercise and I always leave feeling stronger, taller and happier!!! “

Pilates is for everyone, everyday. Everyone should be doing Pilates.

Cheers, Kylie x
& PoP team

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