Why men should do Pilates

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The Pilates Reformer which is essentially a sliding carriage that moves by way of a pulley system uses springs to add varying degrees of tension and resistance to workouts and exercises. This helps to strengthen and lengthen the muscles at the same time,” explains Kylie McGuiggan. The moving carriage creates instability but also challenges your balance and awareness because it changes your center of gravity.

Whilst Pilates is a female dominated practice, the reality is that men can benefit enormously from Reformer Pilates. Professional athletes have been using the reformer as a form of Rehabilitation/core strengthening to add that cutting edge to their training, but for the average guy who just wants to look and feel better, Pilates will improve posture and alignment whilst balancing out their body.

Pilates’ focus on flexibility and lengthening will help to increase your range of motion, making everyday movements and physically related movements significantly smoother and easier.

Pilates works both sides of the body the same way. This draws attention to any of your imbalances also caused from racquet or ball sports that favor one side of your body over the other, Pilates will demonstrate the difference. It will allow you to strengthen your weaker side. With Pilates, you are literally balancing your body and zeroing in on properly aligned skeletal and muscular structure. This will carry proper alignment through everything else you do.

If you have an exercise routine, you probably work the same muscles all the time (take for example the average male gym goer where focus is mainly on the upper body especially the chest, “never miss chest day”). Pilates gets to the important stabilizers and otherwise neglected muscles that you didn’t even realize needed attention, which in turn support your larger muscles resulting in better posture as well as decreased back and joint pain.

Most male clients that have attended Pilates on Point, both first timers, and practiced males in Pilates have all said these following points. “I can’t believe it was that hard” “I didn’t realize how weak my core was” or “I really enjoyed it I can’t believe that I haven’t done it before”.

Cheers Kylie and PoP team x

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